Our Mission and Training

The  mission of the Tucson Community of Chaplains is to work and serve in the community and deploy anywhere as needed to help people experiencing crisis, grief, and loss that result from life’s events or disasters.  Our chaplains are trained in the FEMA national incident command system courses, ICISF courses, NOVA training in some cases, Operational Stress First Aid, CPR and First Aid, Community Emergency Response Team training, and a host of other training and courses that will better equip them to be a solid and balanced resource for practical, emotional and spiritual support in times of  need. We are trained chaplains ready to listen and be a ministry of gentle presence, prayer, encouragement, and in appropriate ways to share God’s love and hope with those who are suffering and in spiritual crisis.

In the Tucson community on a daily basis, or during times of natural or man made crisis, the TCC will be able to:

-Assist law enforcement and first responders during a crisis and provide practical, emotional and spiritual care to support anyone suffering the affects of a traumatic incident, with the goal of bringing homeostasis, stability and needed services

-Give a listening ear and guidance through prayer and spiritual counsel from an orthodox Christian, non-sectarian, biblical perspective

-Provide ICISF  trained chaplains for first responders and others

-Work with FEMA, local emergency management, Red Cross, and other organizations to help facilitate meeting the needs of displaced families and anyone suffering the effects of a disaster or incident with the goal of getting them to a “safe place”, whether that is practical, emotional or spiritual.

-Work with individuals and groups in Tucson and the surrounding communities on a daily basis,  meeting their practical, emotional and spiritual needs.