What is a Chaplain?

By definition, a Chaplain is simply a “minister in the workplace”. Chaplains therefore have an extremely wide range of environments they work in, from full time hospital or military, to part time disaster workers, and everything in between. Chaplains serve in the U.S. military, U.S. Congress, schools, congregations, law enforcement, fire departments, hospitals, corporations, jails, and many other places.

As such, the services that Chaplains provide are far reaching and varied, providing counseling, education, advocacy, life improvement skills, juvenile, court and family mediation, victim advocacy, emergency, disaster & crisis services, spiritual direction, teaching life skills and spiritual counseling, and facilitation of understanding between secular and spiritual contexts of  different cultures or environments.

A chaplain listens, serves, and is able to minister to people in their time of need, wherever that might be.